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brought to you by Yours Truly, Seniqua Carter

For as many advances that the human race makes in communication technology, there are a proportional number of new flaws.

For every advance there becomes new forms of flaws that are shaped by the laws of displacement theories and theories of infinity. (I’m considering the hotel with an infinite number of rooms.)

The great thing about technological communication advancements is that it creates new markets for value and therefore revenue.

Because of the emotional values that become displaced, there are equal values in new solutions.

Therefore, new problems derive new products and new products derive new values and alternative ways to spend time and money.

For some, these are new opportunities; and these new opportunities are like volcanoes and create new “islands” upon the earth or new assets; new “mountains” or new challenges. It’s the classic tale of The Never Ending Story.

Side Note:

In the United States, apparently there are new limits to unemployment benefits or some benefits that have ended. To me, this is a clear indication that support my theories listed above. If there is consistency in creating new problems and therefore, new markets, I can see how unemployment benefits become a crutch for a society that is evolving intellectually. In turn, raising this bar of influence has its pitfalls for the elements of complacency. It reminds me of Darwinism principles.

The good thing is that things become better than previous conditions of living. However, with more people embracing the survivalist mentality, we will quickly notice a change in crime rates and a resentfulness in ignorance upon popular demand and reparations. The people who don’t pay much attention to new trends and levels of influence really don’t have a chance in the ‘hunger games’ of cutting edge technology and advances. President Obama and the White House can possibly foresee the potential rise in crime rates and embracement of survivalist mentalities that will quickly enable more disability, complacency and stubbornness. It is necessary for reflections like these to get to the people who have no idea what to look for when it comes to resolutions for the problems most will soon face while emotional displacement continues alongside the advancements of communication technology.

One prime example of emotional displacement in communication technology advances is proven in the industry of cell phone technology.

Take a look at how smart phones require a data package that can come at a separate price from your typical unlimited voice and text plans. Verizon or AT&T cell phone plans offer unlimited voice and text at one price, but an additional servicing price for data to use the internet. Most consumers are dependent upon their cell phones for more than just making calls. We now have a demand in this society for data usage. A common commodity is now utilized in the new dependency that has developed from data usage or the need to be connected in a tech-savvy society. There is also a new commodity in the structure of these new smart-phones. There is a certain popularity with the touch-screens.

Little do most know that if you compare usage of a basic phone and a smart phone, a smart phone provides the necessity for a case since they are easier to break. A basic phone can be dropped several times before you would need to replace it, but a touch-screen smart phone will need to be replaced in a noticeable shorter amount of time. These are new solutions that create a demand that was unnecessary before the commodity of the touch-screen.

I.e. The smart-phone case; and the data package. Also look at the commodity of the data package for application usage. The applications or ‘apps’ as we call it, need data usage in order to make one dependent upon their smartphones for everything. I spoke with one of my aunts about this and she expresses to her frugal husband that she is very happy to depend upon her smart phone in order to multi-task. She is a business woman and finding all her needs in one place makes it easier for her to conduct business and daily operations.

I say all this to make the statement that for any advancement in human communication technology creates a new problem and a new solution. Therefore, a new problem creates a new solution for government and “regulationatory” action. These new regulations create new markets and less of a need for unemployment benefits. This is the primary reason we are seeing a sudden change in our society.

I encourage citizens to recognize the need for the elimination of unemployment benefits and a new demand for entrepreneurship. Regardless of anything that is going on with a survivalist mentality, do not despair, people. Assistance is available that will help to create benefits for those that recognize opportunity and hope. As human beings, we are entitled to revolutionized evolution. We do not need to embark upon the forces of resentful survivalist mentalities nor a violent demand for reparations of an inconsistent yet consistently and quality-oriented evolving system.

Thanks for your attention and good luck to you if you plan to start a business in the state of Ohio. Happy findings!



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