PatentBot — one of the first legal bots that makes $.

One more legal innovation in our lab.

On the 28th of July our team launched Patentbot — Facebook Messenger bot that helps to register a trademark (“TM”) in 5 minutes. In 24 hours after its launch the product made 500$.

Does it often happen to you, that projects, which guarantee the piece of your mind, remain unrealized? I doubt, it happens pretty often and the reason of it is always the same: we tend to spend our most valuable resource absolutely ineffectively. And by that resource I do mean time of course. 
The story below is about one of such projects.
Trademark registration process takes us a lot of time and efforts, including a list of all the needed requirements and necessary papers, the time spent at the lawyer’s office and so on. Another reason against is that people think, the registration will cost them an arm and a leg. Understanding of these facts often stops brands and start-ups from having their trademark registered at the very beginning, as everyone focuses at lots of work to get some kind of a shadowy result and not at all the absolute benefits, which the brand will get afterwords. Finally, the need of registrating your TM from the outser beats a person’s brain out and a lot of people and companies with a certain name and reputation face legal problems in future. Do you still remember the famous conflict between chocolate manufacturers Kit Kat, Yorkie and Cadbury Creme Egg, for instance? Or when the company Hershey’s, in a court order demanded to stop importing the bars with the similar names to the US?
At this point, if your brand is still not registered, you may start worrying, am I right? Actually, a good news for you is that you souldn’t, cause since now on our team does really have something to help! We found a crucial solution and offer a bot-registrator of TMs at your service. Her name is Patentbot and yes, it’s Her, not It! For two weeks the bot was working in a test mode — she was conducting searches through the list of registered brands and checked whether the TM you want to register is available. If your TM is engaged, the bot informs you how, when and by whom your idea was stollen right under your nose. :)
In these two weeks, working in the test mode, the bot provided its services to more than 1300 users.
On the 28th of July, Patentbot finished working in the test mode. In the first 24 hours bot made 500$ selling its services and registered 12 trademarks in Ukraine. A tremendous fact is, that patent attorneys register 35 TM per month, which means our bot works 10 times more productively(!).
At this point, I find it absolutely vital to write couple of words on how a TM gets registered without the use of our bot. Presently, it takes 3.5–4 hours and sometimes it elongates up to several days or weeks of negotiations and approvals for one application in average, without additional consultations. So much time is spent for oral or written consultation, drafting of a commercial proposal, controlling the receipt of a letter, additional negotiations etc. When all the necessary agreements are got and the data from the applicant is received, we proceed to prepare the application (printing, filing physically in Ukrainian Patent and Trademark Office). On the day the application is filled, the client is informed accordingly via the SMS notification, and the next day he is sent a scan application and an invoice for payment for services provided. At least 2–3 lawyers and an accountant are involved in this chain. And that means, our bot performs work, done by 3–4 specialists.
In the same way now I am going to explain how TM gets registered with the use of our bot. The main value of the bot is that the client performs the entire registration process in one window. Operatively and at the same time 3–4 times cheaper than a similar service on the market. In the mobile version the client does not leave the messenger during the entire registration process. After clicking the “Pay” button, the internal messenger browser redirects the client request to the Pay server and provides a page for filling in the payment information. After filling in the data and a successful payment, the payment system sends information about the payment to the client. One of the advantages of working with the bot is that the whole process, including payment, occurs exclusively in the messenger, with no need of going to other links.
To finish, I’d like to mention the heroes, who created this unusual bot. The team has been working on the Patentbot project since April 2017. This is a unique collaboration of specialists from the leading companies in the legal market:
- Juscutum is the first company that founded and launched IT law as a separate Law Practice in 2013;

  • Prima Veritas is a company that is in the top 3 best patent-verified companies in Ukraine;
  • is the first in Eastern Europe legal innovation laboratory.

To get acquainted with the bot and test it, please, follow this link —
Our plans for future are:

  • domain search and register
  • register intellectual property rights
  • go global

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