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Everyone is aware that the technology has improved a lot in every field of life. The latest and improved technology has provided great things in the life of military personnel, who lead a dangerous and adventurous life in the army front. A modern soldier has to carry a large inventory, which may weigh heavily and some time, he or she has to carry a load of sixty pounds or even more.

Sometimes, a modern soldier has to carry 90 pounds of weight in the form of army field jacket, army gear, army jacket and the like, which are essential for their survival in the army field. The base uniform of a soldier includes protective gloves, glasses, boots, etc. and the full uniform of a soldier weighs much more than a civilian dress. Besides, the soldiers have to carry with them body armor and helmet too. The body armor is so designed to carry ammo for the weapons and individual first aid kit. Further, a soldier has to carry with him/her army style jacket and army surplus jacket to meet any eventuality. The soldiers also have to carry starting from water carriers to grenades and it is not possible to list the items they carry with them.

Army Style Jacket

Army tactical gear includes tactical pants, tactical boots, tactical lights, holsters and bags and packs. Army shop supplies Australian army personnel all the items that are required by them at subsidized rates and also offers varieties of gifts to them and their family members.

Army shop also provides financial support to the army relief trust fund by way of donating three percentage of the purchase made through army shop by the customers. Nowadays, the modern soldiers are well equipped and at the same time they are overburdened as well. The respective Governments and administration are trying their level best in reducing the weight in all categories.

Apart from carrying ammunition and weapons, the army soldiers have to carry with them electronic items and batteries ranging from night vision lights, radios, smart phones, tablets and GPS. The soldiers are also required to carry with them necessary dresses and coats to fight the chill weather, which may be extreme at some parts of their work spots.

Sometimes, the soldiers have to drop themselves into an enemy camp from the war fighting planes and at this stage, they have to carry more gears with them, which are heavier than normal. The rucks, they soldiers are provided with, may weigh up to hundred pounds.

The civilians are safe just because the soldiers are guarding our Nation’s boundaries and the Governments and administration are trying their level best to help the soldiers in reducing their burden in all walks of life. They deserve such great consideration as they are guarding their own Nation.

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