Exclusive Ninja Protocol Series: First Legendary Ninja, AL | NINJA

1. Please introduce yourself briefly.

AL: Hi everyone, I’m AL and I’m from Taiwan. After purchasing bitcoin for the first time in 2017, I started venture into cryptocurrency.

2. How did you know about Ninja Protocol in the beginning? What was it that attracted you?

AL: I remember seeing Solana daily or which Solana news mentioned that Ninja Protocol was a new coin, so I was curious and went to learn about Ninja Protocol, and bought some as an investment first.

At first, I just thought of it as a meme coin, but then I saw AdidogCEO describing the future plan of Ninja Protocol, and then I got more information and confidence in Ninja Protocol.

Personally, I have great confidence and interest in blockchain. When a new technology comes out, the gaming industry is usually one of the industries that will be impacted to great changes. Just like the impact of the Internet on the old game industry (standalone board game version), I believe that the emergence of blockchain will have a similar transformative effect on the existing game industry on the Internet.

Ninja Protocol will not only have blockchain game related products, but also combine with NFT, which I think is another combination I am very interested in and believe is a very promising combination.

3. How do you feel about Ninja Protocol after participating in the Ninja Protocol community? How is it different from your initial perception of Ninja Protocol?

AL: Due to my personality, I usually don’t spend too much time in the community, but after joining the Ninja community, I feel that there are a lot of things I can learn and explore together. When a group of people who are learning from each other and discuss things together, everything becomes so interesting and fun. The community manager know how to grasp the atmosphere and rules in a timely manner, so that the people inside feel more at ease and comfortable.

I bought Ninja Protocol at the beginning is simply to double my money, and then exit the project. However, after joining the Ninja community, I felt that I could not only make money through Ninja Protocol, but also learn a lot from the process, which I did not expect at that time, and I was deeply attracted by it.

4. You continued to buy Ninja Protocol and eventually became their legendary ninja, what drove you to become a legendary ninja?

AL: By constantly reading AdidogCEO’s Twitter feed about his plans for the game and Ninja Protocol, I gained a lot of confidence and trust in Ninja protocol, and by interacting and learning from the community, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience that I didn’t have before.

Because of this, when Ninja Protocol came to a price that I thought was very low, I started to buy them continuously. Before this, I have bought a lot of BNB and FTT at very low prices in the past, but sold them all in the early days and did not enjoy the tens or even thousands of times of profit. 😭😭😭

With these previous experiences, I found that the Ninja Protocol was in a very sweet and low price spot period, so I started to follow my plans and kept buying it, the lower it went, the more I bought it, and then planned to hold it well.

I didn’t initially thought to buy towards the legendary ninja amount, but the amount I bought was able to become a legendary ninja, and after becoming a legendary ninja, I actually continued to buy ninja protocol at my own pace.

5. How do you feel after becoming a legendary ninja?

AL: I’m a low-profile person, I originally wanted others to get Legendary Ninja first, so I wouldn’t get too much attention, haha~ Lately I have treated the whole thing as a game and found it quite fun.

I think Legendary Ninja not only can get the latest news of Ninja Protocol first, also able to test the beta game early, what makes me feel very special is that they will design a ninja according to my preference, including Logo, Banner and Character, so I can have a sense of participation in creating future game characters.

6. Do you worry that one day Ninja Token will go to zero and all your Ninja Token will become worthless?

AL: Yes, so when I buy the token, I have planned a budget and pace that I can live with, and if it does go to zero, I won’t let it affect my life.
It’s not easy for a project to succeed, although I think Ninja Protocol has a good chance of success and I have confidence in the team, but there are many things in this world that are hard to say, I will try to look at these changes with a normal mind.

7. What do you think is the potential of Ninja Protocol at the moment? What are the hidden concerns or what could be better?

AL: I think the current team is very team-centric, the CEO of Adidog has his leadership characteristics, the team has a considerable degree of passion and understanding of games and blockchain, and good technical skills, which is a basic requirement for a new start-up industry.

The Ninja Protocol project is a rare and special project in the market, which creates a lot of opportunities and imagination. I am very much looking forward to seeing new elements and the future being created here, and I can learn with them through the communication and understanding in the community.

My concern is that I think their product range is very large and I’m a little worried that they won’t be able to complete the projects target that they have planned. As I run a company myself, I understand that it’s not easy to complete these projects because there are a lot of details to consider and resources while time are very limited. My working habit will be first focus on a good product, and then expand to other extensions.

Another concern is that they currently only rely on the payment of Ninja Token to support the development. This approach is fine in the short term, because everyone have a common goal and we have confidence in the product. However, when the cryptocurrency price or the general environment is sluggish, and the time lengthens, it may be an unscheduled bomb for the team, and the development will not be easy to sustain. However, I am not involved in the team and I don’t know their background, so I choose to trust Adidog CEO at the moment, I believe he will have some arrangement and management to make this issue able to move forward as planned.

The blockchain model is brand new and the market is changing rapidly, so the management and the way of doing things will need to be adjusted and different and creative in order to make a real difference product among the market.

So I will continue to understand their way of thinking and doing things, and then see where the quality of their output is, and whether there is any discrepancy with what they said at the beginning, and then also observe how the market reacts, and learn their blockchain operation mode from this side.

8. Overall, what do you think Ninja Protocol is?

AL: Ninja Protocol is still in a very early stage of development, it represents an opportunity to have fun, make money and learn. I would feel bad if I only wanted to make money in it, because this is a great opportunity for us to participate, experience, and create new rules for blockchain gaming together.

I have traded many kinds of cryptocurrency in the past, but I have never been able to fully participate in the creation of a new product. This is a very good opportunity for me and I had a lot of fun in it. If this project really developed into a good product as expected, I believe I can also get a satisfactory return on my investment.




Interviews of the legendary ninjas of Ninja Protocol. https://ninjaprotocol.io

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Legendary Ninjas

Legendary Ninjas

Interviews of the legendary ninjas of Ninja Protocol. https://ninjaprotocol.io

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