Are You One and Done?
Sara Mauskopf

I wish I knew an easy answer to that question, it’s something my wife and I are currently debating. We have a six year old boy who we definitely want to have siblings.

Our problem is that mother nature doesn’t want to cooperate. We are like 1 for 6 in successes, and age is starting to become an additional concern (at least for me). I am 10 years older than the wife and I’m not loving the idea of my child graduating high school after I become eligible for Medicare. I’m not quite there yet but closer than I may care to admit.

The last pregnancy we lost was an absolute killer on my wife’s emotions. She lost 3 days of work because she just couldn’t get herself to get going. I know what I went through myself and can’t even begin to pretend our emotions are on a similar level. I am absolutely terrified if she were to get pregnant and lose it again this one could have even longer lasting or permanent impact.

We have been discussing adoption. We shall see where this road leads us.