Pundits And Politicians Are Tacitly Admitting That They Lied About Russia
Caitlin Johnstone

Sorry, your post simply isn’t supported by fact.

You absolutely personify the modern right wing bastardization of journalism. All you need now is to start shrieking about “Lugenpresse” and you would fit right in with Trump and/or Adolph Hitler (the difference is statistically insignificant)

Instead of critically analyzing the situation, it appears you saw a conclusion that you wanted to believe and ran with it.

Lets just analyze what actual security pros say about this report since the group lacked the courage to use a supposed forensics expert with the integrity actually provide their name.

  1. “ “too incoherent to even debunk
  2. “The author of the report didn’t consider a number of scenarios and breezed right past others. It completely ignores all the evidence that contradicts its claims.” John Jultquist, Analysis Team Lead for Fireeye
  3. The Security Research Director @ Splunk said “it assumes that the hacker downloaded the files to a computer and then leaked it from that computer”

And Just for the heck of it I will include these too

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