Twitter Adds NFT Tweet Tiles Feature!


Twitter users can now view the expanded NFT link. This was mentioned in a tweet from Dev’s Twitter account, revealing that the site will be testing a feature called Tweet Tiles to increase links to certain NFT marketplaces.

This new feature allows users to include links to NFT on external sites. The links will also be automatically expanded to display full-size NFT images and added with metadata and links to their locations in the respective marketplaces.

Meanwhile, marketplaces supported during the trial include Rarible, Magic Eden, Dapper Labs, and

Of these marketplaces, Rarible is the most significant, with $432,000 NFT traded over the past week.

Rarible acknowledged the feature, writing that Tweet Tiles would allow users to “experience NFT in a whole new way.”

Magic Eden also mentioned the feature and expressed his praise for TweetTile, and he thought that some might even say that the feature is awesome.

Meanwhile, also called the feature a “pleasing and welcome upgrade for NFT [and] a major milestone for web3.”

In August, Twitter also tested its Tweet Tiles feature with three news publications: the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian. At that time, the feature was used to expand news articles, not NFT-related posts.

The Twitter developer account said that the newly added feature was “one more step in our journey to enable developers to impact their users’ Tweet experience.”

The company has been gradually adding support for NFT over the past year. In June 2021, he released a free set of NFT. This January, it added support for NFT in profile pictures.

Twitter also integrates crypto. In September 2021, the site introduced crypto tips, and this week, rumors surfaced that they were building a crypto wallet.

Elon Musk also bought Twitter today, though it’s unclear if he intends to follow through on early crypto plans like Dogecoin integration and micropayments.

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