The Corruption of Evidence Based Medicine — Killing for Profit
Dr. Jason Fung

Yes, this is true and there is a great paper on the subject:

The real danger with EBM is when “evidence” is used by the State to force people to comply with the “expert authorities”. This is fascism, and it destroys rigorous public debate, and innovation that results from freedom of inquiry and diversity of opinion. Science is based on dissent and proofs, not “evidence” and “consensus”. When we see terminology like “scientific consensus” and “authority of evidence” we can be sure the goals have nothing to do with truth or public good, but control over public information.

This fascism is also happening with vaccines. If you are educated on the subject please find me the vaccine safety studies and answer these questions:

  1. How many are there? 2. What placebos are used? 3. How long are patients monitored? 4. Who is funding the research? 5. What is the current childhood cancer rate compared to 40 years ago in the US, and what is the official explanation for the increase ?

Also read the current “evidence” on autism, autoimmunity, and vaccine adjuvants:

Nobody wants their small child to die, even if the child isn’t the most biologically fit they can produce. Nature is cruel and it is the most cruel to the most vulnerable. Vaccines work by bypassing Natural Selection for the strongest offspring. Evolution will never be perfect, but it has been very successful for the survival of human beings as a whole…. so far.

To believe that you can just “eradicate disease” is either the mission of ego-maniacal fools who truly believe they are smarter than billions of years of evolution; OR the dream job of the morally corrupt who realize there is an endless source of funding for a mission which is unwinnable and unending.

Disease is never eradicated, it just changes form. No surprise that an agency founded on such an absurd objective would be vulnerable to the nastiest kind of corruption.