A defining week for Obama’s presidency

Obama loves to speak. IMHO, all of his speeches deserve a spot on any textbook about public speaking. But now, he also gained a reputation for making things work. American will have to mention his two terms many times in the future.

On Tuesday, the Congress passed fast track for his child TPP. It doesn’t mean TPP is done but it does hit a massive momentum to the stagnating negotiation. Other countries will look at this event and believe in America’s commitment in this so-called 21st century trade deal. To America, the deal will reserve a spot as the locomotion engine for the world’s economy in long term. The American will be gratitude for what Obama did today.

At the end of the week, same-sex marriage. Yes, American is not the first country to legalize same-sex marriage. But it creates the biggest magnitude. Yes, it’s dividing this country. But it doesn’t hurt anyone. Admit it! Instead, it helps the administration and Obama gain trust from an rising power in America economy: Sillicon Valley pirates! Apple CEO, legendary angel investor Mark Cuban. Countless VIP now believe Obama in specific and Democrats in general are on their side. Brilliant move, Mr President!

This week is a defining week in Obama’s presidency. From a “communist” president with mulling achievement, he has made his mark in American history. His legacy will last long

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