Spotify UX Analysis and Redesign
Renee Lin

Excellent work Renee! As a premium Spotify user myself as well, it is particular a hard challenge to navigate through the app, especially the “Discover Weekly” feature. I really like your IA map where you can identify which content has been duplicated in order to get it removed or merged with something else. IA map + user journey one can already help identifying pretty much all existing UX pain points.

For the Discover Weekly feedback option, “Shuffle” and “Play” are not really feedback actions. I suggest keeping them there, plus feedback actions as well. I don’t know if using the same actions for Daily Mix and Radio would be ideal, since on Radio, block action offer even two more options: “block artist”, or “block song”.

Spotyfi on desktop view

Other idea could be the option to undo blocking/thumbing down. I have been accidentally clicking on thumbs down icon several time, and there is no way to revert that :D

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