Base5 Case Study

The Birth of a Toronto Tech Startup

Lehel Babos
Mar 12, 2015 · 7 min read

An Introduction

The Brand

Some notes from the day
Early logo concepts
Some more logo concepts, a few iterations in.
The Final Base5 Technologies Corporate Logo
Quick snapshot of our home page in mobile view.. Shoutout to Balraj Chana on Dribbble for the quick and simple mobile mock up template.

The Site

The Blog

Our main blog roll at a few different Viewport sizes.

I wanted to make sure that the blog was not just aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well (ie: not just an afterthought on an existing site). I wanted it to be something visitors would actually want to read.

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Tokyo based Product Designer and Frontend Dev. Part time whiskey snob, full time geek. Hopefully leaving the web a little nicer than I found it.