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From Magazines to Mobile Sites and a touch of Marketing…

4 min readMar 12, 2015


Consumer Centre Inc is a Toronto based company helping other small businesses find government funding. When I first came on board with the firm, they were very honest about the state of things; design across the board has not been given the attention it deserved and they wanted to change that. Over the months we’d work on revamping everything from the look and feel of their monthly print publication, to launching new marketing initiatives, and finally putting together and all new mobile site.

The Magazine

Having a combination of business articles, as well as client success stories, this monthly newsletter is sent out to all their subscribers, and has been going strong for years now. Unfortunately the general aesthetic of these magazines hasn’t really been updated or evolved further since their conception. They wanted to keep the existing branding, but just bring things into the next century so to speak.

Since this wasn’t a traditional magazine I got to experiment a bit more with different layouts and have some fun with the designs of each article. As time went on we also began to include snapshot from some of our infographics, with QR codes leading back to the site to view the full design.

Marketing and Development

Between the print and some ongoing UI work (still under wraps!) I also got the chance to help out with various other sections of the company. One of my most recent projects has actually been a perfect example of this.

When it comes to generating leads, our modals have been one of the most effective tools in our arsenal. As a result we’re always refining the designs, running split tests and trying to improve the numbers one percent at a time.

Above are 3 different versions of one of our popups. As always we started with a basic call to action. (What do we want the user to do?) Once we decided on that, I mocked up some designs and presented them to the team. After implementing some requested changes, I jumped over to Sublime Text (my code editor of choice) and coded the designs. Once everything was functional, we launched each version in a split test and tracked which design performed best. This allowed me to get hands on not just with frontend development but to work with the marketing team as well, and see first hand how our work contributes to the company’s growth.

While juggling all the different projects can be stressful at times, seeing the work I do have a tangible effect and make a difference has really been one of my favourite aspects of the position.

If you have any questions or feedback in regards to my work, feel free to leave a comment. You can also see a bit more of what I do and get in touch at Thanks for reading!




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