To Build a Cannabis Beverage… Thanks Adolphus Busch.

2016 is upon us and the future is bright for hungry entrepreneurs. Let me make things clear though, I am not talking about building an app. I am talking about something real, something you can touch, something you can feel, which will outlast Moore’s Law and all of the crazy ideas people are hoping will be the next Uber or Airbnb. The answer my friends is blowing in the wind.

This is a unique time in history as we are on the cusp of ending another prohibition. You remember the first, when the Anti-Saloon league and Women’s Christian Temperance Union went on a crusade against alcohol brewers and head honcho of the Anheuser Busch Company, Adolphus Busch. This time cannabis is up on deck and with a little potluck, we as society can move past bad policies intended to help the usual suspects.

Cannabis is the greatest plant ever created on earth by stardust… Period. It has a long history and list of multi-purpose uses that can stifle several multi-national corporations to their knees. Our founding fathers grew cannabis, the draft of the constitution was written on hemp as well as the sails that helped Christopher Columbus discover the New World. The company I work for, Le Herbe, chose to focus on the cannabis connoisseur. Our marijuana infused drinks and tinctures target the health conscious consumer because we actually care about what people are putting in their bodies. We use all organic ingredients and currently have two products in our beverage line, cold brew coffee and green tea.

Cannabis Infused Green Tea

Even though the alcohol industry is paying off politicians left and right to squash cannabis legislation in several states, please don’t mind us while we make the world a better place. We have learned so much from you… I can’t help but say thank you Adolphus Busch for paving the way.