Moonlight Sonata

A flash science fiction romance

Photo copyright K. S. Brooks. Do not use without attribution.

A wound opened in the indigo sky. The incision grew, lengthened, widened, bleeding silver light into the deepening evening.

Farlu gasped and set a pale, trembling hand on Connor’s shoulder. “What is that?”

Connor stroked her slender fingers. A night-hound cried in the distance. “Don’t be afraid. It’s just the moon.”

The crack had split wide, revealing a glowing orb in its fullness, a cloudless haze smeared across each of its poles.

“What is the moon?”

He looked at her tall, thin face, her pale skin, her sparkling, wide-set eyes. A creature of the night, the light pained her. He stroked her cheek. “Nothing. It’s a long way off.” He raised his face to the luminary. “I came from there. They’ve opened the gate, searching for me, hoping I will come home.”

“That is your home?”

“Almost. Mine is a great blue world of oceans and forests and ice and fire.” Connor smiled at Farlu. “You might like it there, on dark nights.”

She forced herself to face the light, blinking at its sting. “You are leaving us?”

He couldn’t remember anymore where he’d hidden the wreck of the capsule, nor did it matter. Farlu’s people worked stone and wood, not electrons and metal. The gate would never find him. Above, the sky wound healed, closing, narrowing, shrinking, and snapped to a point.

He embraced Farlu and whispered to her as the last glimmer vanished and a night-hound wailed in the dark. “How ever could I leave?”

“Moonlight Sonata” originally appeared in the Indies Unlimited flash fiction competition, January 20, 2018. It was subsequently awarded an honorable mention for that week.

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