Is This The Year???

The beginning of the game Jackson fighting for ownership

On March 27th, 2010 Jackson High School won their first ever state title when their boys basketball team won the State Championship against Moeller. According to the Ohio High School Athletic Association the Polar Bears beat Moeller 57–34. Ever since that day in Jackson High School history Jackson basketball has been itching for another title that has been just out of their grasp for the past six years.

The 2016–2017 season is starting and the question on everyone’s mind is the same…is this the year?

Jackson High School has a very impressive varsity line-up this year and it all begins with seniors Logan Hill and Kyle Young. As well as an impressive coaching staff, which is headed by none other than Tim Debevec. Now everyone knows the story of the two six-foot-something basketball players that seem to raise fear in the opposing team whenever they step onto the court but the unknown story is the story of the JV players that will vie for the seniors’ places once they graduate.

After this season there will be eight openings on the Varsity line-up up for grabs. Attached below is a video of the junior varsity players in one of their first games of the year against Barberton.

Jackson beat Barberton 76–32 during Saturday’s game. Jacob Ehmann, 42, was the highest scoring player in the game against Barberton with 20 points.

The scoreboard at the beginning of the half

According to the Massillon Independent, “Beating the Jackson High School boys basketball team this season will take quite an effort.” This applies not only to the varsity team but also to the junior varsity team as they will take over next year.

Coach Debevec needs all of the players put everything, their talent and heart, on the court while they are playing. “We have to be ready every night because everyone is gunning for us,” Coach Tim Debevec said. What coach wouldn’t want the team to put their all into the sport that they play and love? When you love something it shows and when the polar bears play it’s not only obvious that they love the sport but that they also love their school.

Above Jackson is fighting for the rebound

Kyle Young, after their game against the Glenoak Eagles, mentioned that the team has improved and that they “…have really high expectations for ourselves this year.” According to the varsity player the team really let the ball drop last year and didn’t put as much of themselves into the game as they should have. They lost momentum and their thirst to win.

While the varsity team lost their will to win, junior varsity has never been so ready to prove themselves as they are now, not only to their JV coach, but also to their head coach. It seems junior varsity is ready to prove that they have what it takes. There is no doubt that the shoes left by the graduating varsity players will be difficult to fill but the juniors, sophomores and even freshman on the JV team are ready to fill the empty spaces.

Hayden junker, 33, takes a foul shot

There is no doubt that the Jackson High School boys basketball, varsity and junior varsity, teams will reach record-breaking heights.

It’s only a matter of when.

Jackson JV walks across the court after their victory

About Me:

My name is Lindsay Ehmann. I am a Journalism major with a minor in theatre. I chose the topic of Jackson High School boys basketball team because my brother is on the team and it is a very important sport in my family. I grew up around basketball and love the sport. It also helped that the polar bears have an awesome start to this season and are looking for another state title.

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