Now Playing At A Consciousness Near You

If media (images, sound, and words) do not influence behavior/preference why was cigarette advertising banned? If advertising influences behavior/preference why not popular movies, T.V. and music? If one were to list the people who conceive, write, produce, and manufacture popular media it would be a very short list. We download their world view represented by the images they choose, the words they write, the sounds they use into our consciousness very day. Is it possible that given time, their worldview becomes ours? (Is not Microsoft’s Windows Operating System, in a sense, the world view of a PC? It provides content, operating procedures, acceptable and unacceptable inputs into the system.) Many say that the differences between human and animal are not as great as we think. Could the difference between computer software and hard drives and our brain also be less than we think? If so, even if just a little, wouldn’t you want to know something about the programmer? In the science fiction movie The Matrix the experience of “reality” is a complex computer program downloaded directly into the brains of an unknowing and enslaved humanity. The electrical energy from these inert humans is harvested as a source of power for the machines that control a decimated planet earth. Most people think this “matrix” resides firmly in the realm of science fiction. In some ways, however, a “matrix like” false reality already exists. To see the underlying “programming” code of the “matrix” I refer to, one must cast aside the science fiction of the Matrix, and consider what surrounds us7x 24 x 365. Pop culture with its fashions, values, morals, music, art, ethics, promiscuity, drug use and language is omnipresent as is advertising that often uses fear, envy, greed, lust, and insecurity as motivating agents. In the Matrix movies human beings are “plugged in” literally from birth. In real life this plugged in takes place as soon as children can be plopped down in front of a T.V. By the time they have reached school age they have absorbed thousands and thousands of hours of programming depicting a worldviews with values, morals and ethics that stem not from history or the broader culture but specifically from the minds of writers and producers, or the “programmers.” The programming code is the social, political, sexual, cultural and economic templates of the writers and producers that come to life in the characters, scripts, plots or lyrics. Some people do not believe there are negative cultural repercussions stemming from these downloads. Steven Spielberg does. He severely restricted his children’s’ access to T. V. and the movies. The inventor of the pioneering video game Nintendo didn’t allow his young children to play it. It’s taboo for their kids but not for yours. What do they know that you don’t?