Empty room

Being outside the entire day and the only thing you need right now is a nap. You walk from your office to your room when the sun has set. As closer as you reach your dorm, you subconsciously walk slower. Your inner self told you that it does not want to go back to your room. You seize every chance to linger in the lobby; you look at packages that have not been picked up and hope that there is a delivered box for you, even though you did not order anything. You are finally in front of your room. You stand there for 5 seconds, stare at the door and take a deep breath before opening the door. The door opens and in front of your eyes is mere darkness. You turn on the switch and your room is brightly lit. No one is in the room. Your roommate has not returned and she will not until midnight. Silence is all around you. You feel suffocated and goosebumps form on your arm. You gasp.

You feel lonely. You look at your phone screen and find no notifications. No one has texted or called you the entire day. The thought that you can disappear without anyone knowing sends shiver down your spine. You miss home. You miss hearty meals that your mom quickly makes for the whole family after she gets home at 8 p.m. You struggle to fall asleep and wake up the next day, forget everything happened yesterday.

A new day has come.

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