How I revive my interest in Biology.

In my freshman year, I thought I would major in CS. “What, CS!? I thought you would major in Bio or something like that” was my friends’ reactions when they heard of the word CS. I thought CS was cool, and I should do something cool. So I abandoned Biology for CS. When I took the Intro to CS course, I gradually realized that CS was not something for me. Although I had fun studying the subject itself, I missed the fun I had in exploring all the complex mechanisms in Biology.

Quick update on my life

I’m currently working in a lab in my school. I’m learning Cell culture in 2D and 3D.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with Borris — my friend in the lab.

“Borris, you remember Clara — my roomate? She is doing research in nanodevices. How cool that must be.”

Borris replied, as wisely as he always is:

“Well, in research, no matter what field you are in, it is more important that you can produce results and analyze your results.”

The bottom line: focus on my research and stop comparing my research to other people’s. Coolness is not a metrics to measure the innovativeness of a research. I have absolutely no interest in nanotechnology so I should not force myself to do research in that field.

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