The joy of doing research

Hi, this is me again.

Below is my 2017 resolutions

  1. Do research (I’m currently doing URP and totally love it)
  2. Get Grand Prix for URP
  3. GPA 4.0+ next semester
  4. Travel with friends
  5. Learn to use Illustration
  6. Publish papers (well, this is more like a long-term goal. Hopefully I can have something done in 2017 and get my paper published in 2018)
  7. Write sometimes
  8. Read tons of books (including textbooks haha)

Courses that I will take in 2017. To be precise, courses that I hope can manage to take in 2017. It’s so hard for me to decide which course to add and which to drop, cuz I just want to take all.

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