See No Evil

The Germans continuously struggle with their history. There’s even a word for it: Vergangenheitsbewältigung. It means “to grapple with the past.” They do it every day.

And yet right-wing America can’t seem to admit that slavery was an atrocity, or that the US government systematically eradicated the Native American populations. In the eyes of the far right, America can do no wrong.

The lack of self-examination and historical responsibility has led to a chronic, toxic lack of compassion. The US no longer participates in the Social Contract, and the Darwinian nature of the American Dream is destroying the American Experiment. The irony that evangelicals embrace the American Dream as fervently as they do is totally lost on them.

The perversion of Christianity to suit the purposes of corporate interests and to manipulate the uneducated and fearful is disgusting and unethical. If anything will hasten the supposed Rapture, it will undoubtedly be the selfish and sadistic actions of the soulless oligarchs and plutocrats running the country. Because they are soulless, though, they could care less about the future.

Whatever myth you believe — be it in “progress” or the “end of days” — one thing is clear: the people in power want only your submission to their will, and they will manipulate your myths until they get it. And why? Money.

I am not very religious, and yet I am disgusted every day by the way the GOP twists Christian values just to fill their coffers.

I wish the people who support them would wake up. These right wing leaders are about as Christian as the devil himself.

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