WooCommerce and Wordpress Booster Tools for 3 Types of e-Com Owners

Have you already started a WooCommerce store or are you still considering? To prevail sustainability and profitablity will not come without a sound consideration and implementation of a few plugins. In this post we would like to recommend a few tools for newcomer store owners that usually can be divided to 3 major groups

1. You prefer safety play first and you would like to keep your costs low

2. You are ready to get a headstart with a well- defined budget you dedicate for this reason

3. You are short on time so you would like to automate as much as features as possible.

Group 1. You are a risk–averse — but you Have Time

1.1. Google Analytics

Not only for the Group 1 but for all the groups: to track YOUR key metrics is something to you cannot get around. Google Analytics important trackers and analyzers (that are essential for an upright e-store) are free and your key metrics are very easy to monitor, so that ignoring it is the most heinous crime in the world of e-commerce.

You can monitor and track the entire customer journey. The most important questions to answer WHERE, WHEN and WHY the potential customers abandon the sales funnel, and WHAT can you do on these critical intersections to engage them more.

Shopping Cart Abandonment, as one of the most important metrics gives you information about the percentage of customers and the amount of revenue lost due to abandoned shopping bags. How to set a well-converting engaging cart page, see a few tips here:

1.2. YITH Essential Kit For WooCommerce

YITH offers an Essential Kit for WooCommerce which is bundle of single plugins that don’t interfere with each other. Also it saves you time from searching for plugins that may even conflict with each other. When you install this basket of plugins and addons you need to activate only the components that are necessary for your WooCommerce store. A few important plugins from the pack:

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search — will assist your users in the product search in-your e-store. It will create simple search boxes, where customers can start keyword-based searches.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter — will help users to browse among the variations of the products. It enables filter searches, so your customers can easily find colors, sizes or prices from the drop down options.

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier — adds a feature e-stores often forget about — but it has an important role to retain the customer: to zoom to your product images, allowing customers to inspect the product closely. Before applying this don’t forget to clear your product images with tools like Pixc because blurred and filthy product images will dismay your customers.

YITH WooCommerce Quick View — enables product view in a better way, opens a halfway option between the product list and a zoom view, if the user clicks on the product list in a modal window a quick overview appears ( you can also adjust brief description boxes offering basic product information and a lightbox options)

A few from YITH Essential Kit For WooCommerce. ( Source: Colorlib, WordPress, www.wpblog.com )

A few from YITH Essential Kit For WooCommerce. ( Source: Colorlib, WordPress, www.wpblog.com )

Group 2 — Having Broader Budget — Best 2017 WooCommerce Products Above 150–200 USD / year

2.1. WooMembers Bundle (299 USD)

A bundle for those who expect long term engagement with customers.

Create as many memberships

Depending on product types, some sites have just a few types of members, while others have many classes and customer segments. In this bundle you will find very sophisticated structure builder system. Give special access for your special members!

If you build a long term relationship, segmentation of your quality content and products are essential.There are some contents and products you might want to share with everyone while other, discounted or premium ones you’ll want to reserve for the loyal customers only. Now, it’s all in your hands: give your members exclusive access to products and content, unlock more options and discounts as time passing by and customer engagement gets deeper and deeper.

Let members pay in that way that works for them and you

Steady revenue influx helps your business grow and pre-plan meticulously: one-size-fits-all schedule might not fit all your customers. Give your members the option to pay on their own schedule and pave the way for a steady revenue stream for your store.

10 storefront theme included in the package

You can choose from more than 10 flexible Storefront Themes, or you can draw in your own design. Create an e-com site as unique as your brand.

(Source: www.wpblog.com )

2.2. Chase PaymentTech (1 store: 199 USD, 5 stores: 249 USD, 25 stores: 399 USD)

(Chase Paymentech is only available for US-based merchants. Payments must be processed in USD. An SSL certificate is required to ensure your customer credit card details are safe.)

(Source: www.wpblog.com )

Secure Payment Processing via Hosted Pay Page

The Chase Paymentech Payment Gateway extension is an advanced payment integration for WooCommerce that opens powerful options for accepting payments via Chase. Your customers will securely save their credit card information to their WooCommerce account for fast and easy checkout. The Chase Paymentech Payment Gateway includes full support for WooCommerce Subscriptions and Pre-Orders.

A few important features of the latest version:

Accepts Major Credit Cards / Debit Cards — Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, and JCB

The secure payment gateway fully utilizes Chase’s Hosted Pay Page technology, and can also keep customers on-site during checkout, developing trust and conversions for your store.

Offers Full Support for WooCommerce Subscriptions and for WooCommerce Pre-Orders, enables Process refunds / voids automatically from within WooCommerce

Customers can securely save their payment method to their account for easier checkout in the future ( they can add saved payment methods without struggling through the checkout process )

Customer checkout experience is thoroughly customizable with different themes

Captures authorized funds directly within the admin of WooCommerce

Accepts payments from your international customers (processed in USD)

At the customer checkouts the system shows explained messages in case of the purchase declined

„Hosted Pay Page” solution to maximize security (payments are posted directly to Chase’s secure servers while customers appear to remain on-site)

2.3. SEO-Friendly Images ( 179 USD )

Google Images Search is often forgotten as a vital source of free traffic. Dedicating a few seconds to optimize your ALT and TITLE text you can significantly improve the chances of your image appearing in the image searches. Having thousands of images on your site this work might last days long — or used to last!!! Choosing WordPress- WooCommerce SEO Friendly Images you get a plugin that automatically optimizes all images on your blog for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It implements the automatization by adding the optimal ALT & TITLE tag to your images based on the image name, post title and other customizable parameters. This plugin follows the Google Image publishing guidelines and makes sure all your images (old and freshly posted) get automatically optimized.

(Source: www.wpblog.com, Matt Jackson, WooCommerce )

SEO-Friendly Images is an almost omnipotent package to optimize your images on WordPress and WooCommerce sites, a perfect fit to the needs of both beginner users (having a plugin & play approach) and advanced users who prefer ample room and freedom to customize features.

The plugin also embroiders your user experience, for example automatically nesting the images in sleek Colorboxes when clicked.

This plugin will help search engines like Google more deeply understand your e-store image contexts, to rank your images better in the Images Search of Google, resulting in increased traffic. Thousands of images can add a large portion of free search engine traffic, a precious asset you can get by simply installing SEO Friendly Images.

Group 3. — Save Time & Gain Masses of Revenues. Ready to Automatize Recommendations?

3.1. Yusp, a double-edge sword (not only for low/mid-budget store owners) Drop the toilsome work of user segmentation and recommendations, and get up to 15 % revenue growth by it!

The Yusp Recommendation Engine plugin connects your WooCommerce store with a Yusp account. Yusp is a product of global personalization provider Gravity R&D. Gravity operates recommender solutions on five continents in twenty countries and serves over 15 billion recommendations a month, resulting in a monthly $40M in extra revenues for their clients. The plugin synchronizes the user and product catalogs on your WooCommerce store with your Yusp database and records user event data on your site.The system uses this information to provide fine-tuned, personalized recommendations on your website, so you can get the most value out of your traffic by providing your visitors with a relevant and pleasant user experience — either on your home, product, category or cart page.

Yusp automatically builds up item connections, so you can utilize cross-sell and upsell offers, frequently bought and viewed together products. ( Source: Edigital.sk)

Product Trial Now available for 30 days ( instead of 15 days )

Originally published at www.yusp.com.

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