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I Love my Grandfather

We all have a person in our lives that we love with our soul and our heart. My grandfather is my favorite person because he is a generous and kindle with all people surround him. He showed me and my family that you are never too old to achieve your goals and dreams. The number one thing my grandfather taught us was to have faith in God, because without God none of your goals could be possible. During my life when someone spoke about my grandfather I related this person to a person who had magical powers because he is a beautiful person, and he always do everything with love. I think that my grandfather is my love and my super hero because he has three important qualities, such as courage, leadership and patience.

My grandfather’s name is Luis. He is 85 years. His principal quality is courage. When he was nine years old, my grandfather abandoned his home when his father hit him unfairly. My grandfather was afraid because he was a child, but he never desisted to keep fighting for better life. At that moment my grandpa started to travel many places in my country. He knew a lot of people, and he learned about different cultures. My grandfather was shipwrecked at sea for many days, he walked the jungle for long hours, and he learned to defend himself. After ten years of traveling, he arrived to Cali- Colombia, where he actually lives with my family. My grandfather has courage because he took hard decisions in hard moments. He always was humble but brave. Therefore, I can say that my grandfather has courage.

My grandfather is a leader. That is the second quality that he has. He is a leader because he was a notorious politician when he was young. He helped people with fewer opportunities to find jobs with fair salaries. My grandfather fought for the labor rights of his coworkers, such as respect and equality. He never received recognition for what he did, but he always said, “my reward is seeing the happy faces of people”. My grandfather taught me that we all have the same rights and all deserve respect. If I compare my grandfather with other heroes, such Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela, who defended human rights in their countries, I can say that my grandfather is not famous as them, but he did the same for my family and his friends. My grandfather is a leader because he always fought and he defended a lot of people around him. He is happy if other people are happy.

The last quality that I want to talk is his patience. Throughout his life my grandfather was very patient with everybody. He always tried to help other people, and taught good values to everybody. My grandfather had bad moments in his life, but he faced his problems with love and patience. He thinks that with patience you can avoid making hasty decisions. My grandfather said that “life is not about living in the future or in the past. Life is about accepting the present moment”. My grandfather tries to think before anting, and he is very patient when something doesn’t work as he wants, and he works for better results in his goals. Actually he is working to be a better person, and he teaches us that patience helps us accept other people as they are and makes us tolerant.

In conclusion, my grandfather is a lovely human being he taught me how to live better life. My grandfather has courage, patience, and he is a leader. He always made sure that as a family we remain together. He will forever remain my hero and my first true love. He is honest, patient, intelligent and the best grandfather I could wish for. I can never repay him for everything he has done but I can only be thankful for having such an amazing grandfather. My grandfather is my my favorite person, and I love him with my heart.

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