Playformation at Work Tip #5 — SoulTech: Wise & Heart-Led Screen Time

Feeling Brain Drain Lately?

(Below you’ll learn how to get 4 powerful free productivity tools, a free ebook and a loving butt-kick to use technology heart-fully.)

Last day, last tip. A bit sad, but it’s been wonderful to connect with you ladies and I’m really hoping to stay connected with at least a small group of you through the offer I’ll be announcing in a few hours.

So, today’s tip isn’t as exciting as yesterday’s, but I believe it’s crucial if you truly want to add more joy, play and passion-led creativity to your work and life…

‪#‎Playformation‬ Tip #5, SoulTech: Wise & Heart-Led Screen Time
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The 2D flatland of screens can be a massive, magical and powerful way to connect (like here!), learn and get creative meaningful plerk (play, learn work) done…but let’s be honest, it can also be a massive brain drain, time suck and soul killer.

My master’s thesis looked at this issue (looong, though fun, story for another time) and I strongly believe that this issue is only going to continue to become more and more problematic — bodies getting overweight and weaker, real-time relational skills lost, continued numbing of emotions and a temptation to escape from full 4D reality (along with many wonderful new powers, of course.)

So, on that note, here are a few things that can help in your developing a more sustainable, soulful relationship to technology.

1. Plan some schedule screen breaks — whether it’s an hour or a few a day, micro breaks (see apps below) and/or a full ‘digital sabaath’ a week.

2. Reflect on and talk about your relationship to technologies — particularly screen based technologies — with family and friends.

I wrote a free e-workbook called “SoulTech, Visionary Living: Seven steps towards aligning your tech habits with your life’s vision” that was based on the workshops I faciliated that were featured on NBC’s Today Show & PBS. Ask me for a copy of it and another cool ebook called “the Improvisational Organization” in the “tell us about your needs” section here:

3. Ironically, use technologies like the following apps to become more conscious and focused with your technology use. Sorry for the Mac OSX bias, but I’m guessing there are Windows equivalents.

Freedom (
Create a schedule that cuts off your access to the internet during the times you select — across all devices!

***Time Out ( Mac only.
Scheduled breaks where your computer blanks and reminds you to stretch or whatever reminder you give it — very configurable to your needs.

Vitamin-R (
An app that asks you for your current goal/focus, hides the other apps, then sets a timer that periodically checks if you are still on task. Trials available for OSX and iphone )

Set Your “Hot Corners” to “Blank Screen” — to quickly and easily flick your mouse to turn off the screen. Stand up and stretch. I have a Mac, but I’m sure there’s a similar option or app for Windows.

You might not like this, but it works big time: Only use Facebook on your Desktop. Take Facebook app off your iphone and block the site in Settings/General/Restrictions/Website/Limit Adult Content (Silly label)/”Add a Website” and then add (Thank me later.)

Blessings on growing a heart-led, healthy, thriving relationship with technology. Let me know if I can help and we’ll see you on Periscope at 8:30a PST.

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