Today, we’re announcing two new additions to our leadership team at Our community is growing rapidly — 13x in the past year — and their expertise will be invaluable in realizing our mission of changing the culture of the stock market.

Sruthi Lanka, CFO

As CFO, Sruthi will oversee finance, data, and people operations. She joins us from MoneyLion, the fintech startup and challenger bank where she served as VP and Head of Strategic Finance. She was MoneyLion’s first finance hire in 2017 following its Series A, and built the team that forecasts and monitors the firm’s financial performance, overseeing financial planning…

Fifteen months ago, we launched to reinvent how people experience and invest in the stock market. We pioneered real-time fractional investing, as well as a true social network built upon a stock brokerage. The ability to buy any stock with any amount of money and, in the same place, discuss investments with a diverse community has been core to the growth we’ve captured so far.

Today, we’re excited to announce our Series C financing of $65M. The round is led by Sameer at Accel for the third time in a row, who is joining our board, alongside Alison from…

And you can follow him in the app @profgalloway.

Today, we’re excited to share that NYU Stern business professor and entrepreneur Scott Galloway is backing with a strategic seven-figure investment.

In addition to investing in the company, Scott is now on the app and will be sharing his insights on business strategy with our growing community of investors. Follow him @profgalloway.

We met Scott after a mutual friend and investor in Public introduced us. Our intention was to simply get him to join the community, so he can share his insights with the people on Public. About 12 minutes…

K-factor is the metric for the growth rate of a product or business. A lot of people are chasing it, and chances are you are, too, if you’re reading this. But, keep in mind, K-factor without retention is worthless. Worry about your retention before you worry about K-factor. Now, assuming you’re killing it on retention, let’s talk about K-factor.


Wikipedia describes k-factor as follows:

“K-factor can be used to describe the growth rate of websites, apps, or a customer base … This usage is borrowed from the basic reproduction number in the medical field of epidemiology in which a virus…

In recent months, a surge of new and young investors have entered the market through modern investing platforms. This boom sparked a conversation about the degree to which novice investors should have access to the stock market. Should investing really be that easy? And are intuitive experiences leading new investors down a dangerous path?

I believe getting more people and more young adults invested in the stock market is important. Not just for them to build their wealth, but to build their financial literacy.

I didn’t start actively investing until after I was 30 years old. I wake up every…

Over the past few days, we’ve been closely monitoring what’s happening with Hertz. On Friday, the company was approved to sell up to $1 billion of stock, despite filing for bankruptcy on May 22. In a filing, the company wrote: “The recent market prices of and the trading volumes in Hertz’s common stock potentially present a unique opportunity.”

It has been reported that a significant portion of demand is coming from retail investors hoping to reap a big upside. …

This letter is authored by’s co-CEOs.

As human beings, each of us occupies different roles in our daily lives, many simultaneously. We’re founders, employees, mothers, fathers, daughters, friends, activists, and generally, people who have opinions about the type of world we want to live in.

What we and millions of people around the world have now seen, on film, before our very eyes was the killing of George Floyd, a man who did not deserve to have his life stolen from him in such an evil moment. The vivid nature of the footage was exacerbated by the fact that…

These are the baseline principles of Public. They are the core values under which we operate.

Public runs on ten core principles:

  1. Honesty kills bullshit
  2. Feedback comes from a place of care
  3. Loyalty through care
  4. Autonomy through alignment
  5. Work fast through organized speeding
  6. Urgency with empathy
  7. We are directly responsible
  8. We don’t make excuses
  9. What could go right?
  10. Find a way

1. Honesty kills bullshit

Honesty is one of the easiest ways to be transparent and leaves no room for interpretation. Always be honest to each other, it helps to work efficiently and kills the bullshit as everyone always knows exactly what’s up and where they stand.

2. Feedback comes from a place of care

Don’t confuse feedback…

Conversations about investing are already occurring between investors, often within traditional text or chat apps. This means being one step removed from getting more information or taking action.

We want to make it easier for people to have productive discussions about investing, and so today, we’ve announced Messages.

Messaging that’s made for investors

Messages makes it possible to have conversations about investing in the context of where you actually invest. This means being able to pull in more information, reference other investors, and take action in your portfolio — all in the same place.

Embeddable charts

No more sharing screenshots of charts from websites or apps to…

The American stock market has consistently been the biggest driving force for prosperity in human history, with returns of about 10 percent annually on average.

That’s great news for some people but doesn’t mean much for the millions of people — including the 51% of U.S. millennials — who are stuck on the sidelines due to economic and psychological barriers to entry.

We believe a significant reason why many people do not invest is due to a lack of financial literacy, expensive financial products, and soaring share prices that can require people to invest $500 or more to purchase a…

Leif Abraham

Co-CEO, Co-Founder AND.CO (acq. by Fiverr), Co-Founder Pay with a Tweet (acq. by HV), I got a website:

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