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Magnified, sanctified be thy holy name
Vilified, crucified in the human frame
A million candles burning for a help that never came
You want it darker, we kill the flame

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In typically somber tone, Leonard Cohen’s voice introduces a sterling effort to unpack the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide in the TV series, Black Earth Rising. Flashbacks told in William Kentridge-style monochromatic sequences attempt to tie-in the lead character’s broken memories to history.

The Rwandan genocide is not a simple — nor easy — story to tell, even in documentary-style, but Hugo Blick’s enthusiasm to tell every story he can imagine in one short season distracts from the important story he could have chosen. The lead character, a complicated woman, Kate Black, unable to remember the events of her childhood or her rescue, resists any effort to question her past as a young girl, yet revels in her anger of some unknown trauma that hides behind the lies told to her. …


Leigh Barrett

Editor, writer, audio editor, community changemaker, thought leader, living on the world’s oldest mountain.

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