What I Learned From Being at The Las Vegas Shooting
Grant Cardone

I don’t know what I was expecting from this article, and I truly do not mean to minimize the trauma you experienced, but your cringeworthy lack of humility and ability to turn a tragedy into a personal pitch about how great you are still took me by surprise.

You missed no opportunity to:

  • mention how important you are (“he recognized me as a social media influencer”),
  • mention how important your friends are (“Sharktank’s Kevin Harrington”),
  • condescendingly direct married ladies on what to do in scary situations (“send your wife to defense classes,” seriously, “send your wife,” you know, because you are a manly leader),
  • generally humblebrag about leadership (“there has to be a leader” in these situations, good thing I was there, right guys), or
  • flaunt how rich you are (“he took us to our plane,” “Ryan…my pilot”).

You also made a point of immediately including the profession of all the men in this story — pilots, fellow real estate partners, investors, even the casino dealers, etc., but couldn’t be bothered to describe how your wife came to have defense and combat training until the very end of the post. I assumed she had formerly been in the military.

What you “learned” from being in Las Vegas during the shooting was a tiny, distilled bullet point at the end of your 1600 word puff-fest that mostly focused on what a great leader you are and how great it was that everyone around you believed in you. You extrapolated nothing, nor gave any basis for why your specific tactics would apply in any other situation.

Great headline though, I bit.

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