October Writing Prompt

When I got home that night, I noticed the smiling jack-o-lantern in my front yard was crushed. It had taken me all day to carve that damn pumpkin and now the neighbourhood children had taken great pleasure in destroying it. Just like the Halloween of previous years, my jack-o-lantern was not to see Halloween night.

A fit of blind rage engulfed me and I kicked the sad remains as far as I could, out of my sight. A sharp stinging pain overtook my senses and I let out an animalistic roar of pain and rage. “Those tricksters!”, I thought to myself. “this is one step too far!”. For years now the children cause mayhem, not only on Halloween but throughout the year. They smashed newly grown spring blooms, they broke mailboxes, they upset the tranquility. And now not only had they destroyed my jack-o-lantern but they had used the broken pumpkin to cover a heavy stone, and I had kicked it.

The rage was bubbling out of control. I could feel my head splitting, the tingle under my skin and the burning sensation in my chest, the rage was clouding everything. Two days to Halloween, why did they have to do that? Why did they break something I had worked so hard on? I stomped loudly, heavily, up the path leading to my shabby home, orange seeping through my shoe. “They always pick on the outcast!”

As I made it onto the porch, it happened. It was a piece of pumpkin, flying out of nowhere. It hit me on the side of my head, the soft, squishy pumpkin flesh sloshed on my face and ran down my cheek, the shell of the pumpkin leaving a sting. I was stunned, in disbelief at the nerve, desiring revenge. with Halloween two days away, I had time to plan.

On the evening of Halloween, I set up a table on my porch and filled a few bowls to the brim with the most deliciously tempting candy I could find. I dressed up as a man with a pumpkin for a head and stood by the swing gate, which was left open to invite children up the path and to the candy. With each child who greedily grabbed candy, I would scare the life out of them as they exited. Removing my pumpkin head and smashing it on the ground, letting the pumpkin flesh within ooze everywhere and when they would look back at me they would see a headless man, with the green sprouts of a pumpkin plant, slowly growing through where a neck should have been…