Why should you vote LIANNE HUNTER #1 for SU PRESIDENT 2017?

Well, many of you may know that I am currently the Wellbeing & Equalities Officer. Where this has been an almighty challenge and exhilarating time I want to push myself further to enable that Student Voice is really heard right at the top of University Level.

I’ve focused on Mental Health, Certain Student Demographics like; Students who have Children & those who Commute. I’ve started and in the process of making Landlord awards so that Students know exactly what a house and their landlord is like from professional and peer reviews.

I’ve put motions forward to AGM to take Students Concerns to the Highest Platform and I’m super excited to make sure Huddersfield Students are listened to at NUS National Conference in April. I will do my absolute best to put this high on the Governments agenda.

I’ve put myself out there with YOU in the Heart of the Community, helping students volunteer and empower them to make a difference, make a change to not only their lives, but to the community as well. I’ve listened to YOU when thinking about change and I’ve always represented YOU where ever I can.

I’ve really tried my hardest to focus on what you want and I’m proud to say I’m delivering it. So this year I really thought to myself “What can I do that little bit extra to make student life better!?”

So how on earth can I make student life that little bit better? What can a President do to enable that, where the other positions cant? Well, they sit at the very top and highest University Committee Levels and I promise you I will always have you in mind. Not the University, not the staff, JUST YOU! The SU President can focus on an array of things to truly make student life better.

I’ve listened to students this year when 3rd years have said, “I’m so nervous for graduating what if I dont get the job I want? I dont feel confident, I dont have the right skills for a good paid job.”
I’ve listened to all types of students, young, mature, those with a family, those with caring responsibilities and those in between when they say; “I’m so bored, but everything is too expensive in Huddersfield”
I’ve listened to students constantly fight to get a decent, inspirational yet relaxing common room with the necessities that THEY WANT. I’ve seen spaces around campus not being fulfilled or used to their potential and the communities that could be created on campus aren’t being made.

So, if you elect me to be YOUR SU PRESIDENT I Promise you that I will 1) provide good quality opportunities to increase student employability. 2) Establish local deals within the town specifically for students studying at Huddersfield. 3) Ensure there are good quality common rooms across campus that are inclusive to all.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time as the Wellbeing & Equalities Officer. And I want to represent you to the best of my ability, and I want you to know that I will be the best SU PRESIDENT.


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