Art by Celestia Ward

My Top 13 Dragon Con Moments (And One Big Regret)

Here are my top 13 Dragon Con moments, in no particular order, because it was all so freakin’ fabulous!

  1. Having my birthday weekend coincide with Dragon Con!
  2. Not knowing which ear cuff to wear, Bejoran or formal, and choosing both.
  3. Being asked what character I’m dressed as, and replying, “Myself.”
  4. Walking in the Dragon Con parade as Civil Right Leader and Suffrigist Ida B. Wells.
  5. Receiving a set of Time Lord cuff links.
  6. Drunk shopping at the dealer’s mart with my DragonCon Bestie and buying a new tiara.
  7. Visiting with new friends who live in Atlanta.
  8. Over the course of three days receiving a birthday cake, a pumpkin pie, a dish of whipped cream-covered ice cream and a bottle wine. (Again, not all at the same time.)
  9. Hearing folks sing me happy birthday, three times in four days!
  10. Getting invited to a private “Gods & Monsters” party!
  11. After telling a story about the movie Blacula, an audience member brought me a copy of the movie poster he found at the art gallery alley. (What! Who does that?!?)
  12. Having an impromptu lunch with Frank & Trace from Mystery Science Theater!
  13. Getting a caricature drawn by Celestia Ward.
  14. Having a packed house for my stand-up comedy show where me and the audience nerded out for over an hour! NO spoilers!

And my one big regret — that I’m sure my fellow Hitchhiker’s Guide fans will appreciate — is not taking a picture of the woman carrying a bowl of petunias with a sign that said, “Oh no, not again.” Oh well. Maybe next year!

Check out some of the photos on my website.