Hey Ladies, Let’s Reclaim This Whole “Aggressive” Insult
Nataly Kelly

Just what I needed to hear! I’d add one more to your list, “don’t wait for someone to ‘let’ you take charge.” I’m a developer and was in a job at a large firm where the one time I was asked to lead I was told “you just want things your way” (yes? as an experienced lead, don’t you?). Additionally, I got the promotions but was never “asked to the meetings” and didn’t have a seat at the table. Being ignored is such a powerful and discrete way of discriminating. Luckily for me I don’t wait for someone to tell me I can do something. I do what I want and have side projects where I lead and move forward. When I found I had the luxury to not be in that situation, it was those side projects that have carried me through.

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