Buy the change you want to see in the world

Your money is your voice. Your money tells leaders where they should put theirs. Your money might not be in the billions, but you belong to billions who want to have a voice, just like you.

So buy the change you want to see in the world.

Buy peace of mind for the artists you love, so they can feed their families and make more art.

Buy weekends for parents who run small side businesses, because their kids need to grow with them and see them more often.

Buy another generation for traditional crafts. Way too many are gone from our collective memory, and we are all the poorer for it. So what if traditional crafts look too, well, traditional? Tell the artisans and sellers what you want to see. “Can we carve steampunk dragon wooden clogs?” New designs and uses can make traditional crafts relevant and desirable again.

Buy encouragement for the young. Don’t wait until they’re old and cynical. Their stickers and buttons might not be groundbreaking today, but buy one anyway. You’ve bought them one more day to study and master jewelry, pottery, poetry, Arduino-powered smart upholstery, and maybe something we don’t have a name for yet that could change the world.

Buy hope, strength, and progress for our local farmers. We need them more than ever.

Buy self-esteem for the deserving creators in your life. (You know who they are.)

You earned your money the hard way, so buy with care and deliberation. Buy not just what makes you happy, but what can change the one and only planet we have for the better. Buy success for the people you care about. Buy endurance for those who must struggle more than you do. Buy from the small, the hopeful, the persevering, the creative, the heart-all-in despite the odds.

Buy the change you want to see in the world. And because there is no better time to say it: tell them to keep the change.

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