Do you think charging for the experience would help?
Leila Janah

Hey Leila Janah. Yes and no. Yes, bc obviously money is helpful, particularly when it’s in exchange for solid goods and services.

Most volunteers don’t bring with them enough experience. They learn and gain skills from the places they volunteer, so they should pay something.

But I’ve had volunteers show up, stay a couple days and then decide to leave, sometimes even before starting their projects. They act as if money makes it alright for them to do what they want, as if volunteering is like a hotel or tour.

I’m not the only NGO in my parts who doesn’t want to use volunteers, bc the effort and resources it takes to train them, particularly when they don’t follow through, just isn’t worth it.

I’d like to see volunteers be more respectful of the communities where they work and also stick to their commitments, even when they’re hard.

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