Fifty pages a day

New year rolls around, and I told myself not to make any new year’s resolution, because — why start the new year with a sure failure? New year’s resolution is almost an oxymoron, it’s new year’s non-resolution for 99% of the people I knew or heard of. But one could, or should never learn from history, so here is yet another new year’s resolution, lift off a blog I recently read; I can’t remember whose blog so no way of crediting the author: Read 50 pages a day, preferable paper pages from the library. The original idea was 500 pages a day, impossible for me since I don’t read that fast and can’t focus for such a long time each day, not to mention I don’t own a private library or live next door to a public one.

Dec. 30th and 31st:

I have managed to finish the first 50 pages of the book “Antifragile” by Nassim Taleb. It is a provocative book, not something one can prow through quickly. In the first 50 pages there are already too much information that I don’t know where to begin. In the beginning I’m almost frustrated with Taleb’s word play, making up a word that’s difficult to explain or sounds inelegant is not a recipe for success. And I think this book is not as successful commercially as his other book “the black swan”. Might the awkward title be the reason?

But getting past the title and its clumsy explanation, one is rewarded with multiple thought challenges in the first 50 pages. The melting of one’s learned bookish knowledge and intuitive worldly knowledge is so thrilling that this book feels too good to be true — is this some manipulative tricks? When we meet someone who’s exceedingly charming or beautiful or intelligent, we can’t help but wondering what s/he wants from us. Because our own merits don’t warrant the attention of such characters. This is the effect of the first 50 pages of this book on me. I’m still very defensive, prepared to be robbed of intellectual integrity within a week. And as much as the author admitted himself, he looks like a bodyguard, not a harmless intellectual. What would be your reaction when you meet someone (virtually) like that? Hence my point.

Friendship is fragile, family is robust, love and lust are antifragile; Debt is fragile, balanced budget is robust, redundancy is antifragile. These are from the book. Hillary Clinton is fragile, Donald Trump is antifragile. Cringe:( from my own observations.

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