Go Vegetarian!

5 and a half years ago I made an important decision in my life, that changed my lifestyle completely. I decided to refuse to eat meat and to become a vegetarian.

It all started as a challenge, I was 14 and this whole vegetarian theme was so interesting for me, that I just thought why not to try it for a month. I didn’t think that it would become so serious for me and that it would be my lifestyle that I would follow for so many years. It was so easy for me and it still is, I can even say that I can’t stand the smell of meat and I can’t even look at it now, because I don’t like it. A lot of people ask me how is it possible not to it meat, how am I still alive, because in their eyes, human can not live without meat. But it is so simple to me and makes me feel so good, that I would recommend everyone to become a vegetarian, just to try it. Beside the good impact on our health, we take care of animals. Let me explain: everything starts from little things, and the more vegetarians are on Earth, the less need in meat and in killing animals would be.

Now I look back at all these years after becoming vegetarian and I can’t believe that they passed so quickly, as well as I have ever been eating meat before. I absolutely enjoy my lifestyle and I’m happy that ones I made such a decision.

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