Soulmates Never Die

In our life we meet so many different people, but only few of them become really close to us. You know the word “soulmates” express the idea of intimately close people so well. I just now started realizing that it’s such a gift to meet someone who fully understands you, feels you, knows you, someone you can laugh and cry with. Someone with whom there is no need to pretend to be something you’re not. Now I know that I’m lucky enough, that I’ve met such people and that no matter what we stay together. Even now when we’re apart and there are a lot of miles between us, I still feel their support, their love and I still care about how was their day, what happened to them, what made them smile today and if they are just alright.

Now here, in Prague, I meet new people almost everyday, it’s just such a period in my life. And most of people I meet are kind, funny and gentle, but there is no spark between us. That’s when I started realizing, that maybe I was so naive before, that I didn't really think what makes my friends so special to me. I thought that maybe it’s because we hang out together, talk almost every day and chat almost every minute, but now I know that our friendship is more than that. And from understanding it my love to them becomes even bigger. I just want they to know that no matter where I’m, what’s going on in my life, how many new people I meet, there is always a place for them in my heart.

Distance gives me reasons to love them only harder and to be more thankful for meeting my soulmates.

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