My Photo Essay: ♫ Music ♫

This is my record collection that I’ve been collecting for about three years now. I have 45 records.
This is my favorite corner of my room that is decorated with planets (not pictured) and also has my guitar and my little amp with it. Also, in this picture (on top of my amp) is my signed Arctic Monkeys album which is my most prized possession.
These are just some of my favorite albums that I have. (Starting from the top: Currents — Tame Impala, Favourite Worst Nightmare — Arctic Monkeys, 4 — Led Zeppelin, Ultraviolence — Lana Del Rey, and Congratulations — MGMT)

This is my family’s piano, which used to belong to my Grandpa. I’ve been playing since I was five, however, I’m still not very good at it. Also, there’s a huge stack of board games in the background.
Here’s just a way I listen to music other than my record player, my mom’s car radio. This was on the way to school one morning.
This is just another part of my room that is somewhat unfinished. I have a bunch of pictures up of bands and also a blacklight poster.
Lastly, this is my actual record player with an Arctic Monkeys record on it. (Can you tell I like Arctic Monkeys?)
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