My experience with Impact Playground

Impact Playground activities are today one of my favorite ways to connect with people all around the world and benefit from the energy that is created by the crowd interaction. I always try to use this energy in benefit of my local community. There is a lot of interesting people out there, already co creating a better future for all of us. Ideas, knowledge, strategies, everything can be shared during Impact Playground activities.

So, how did I get there, what was my experience during the first edition and what am I going to do during the next event, November 23th? I hope this can help any others that want to jump into #impactplayground!

How did I get there?

The first time I heard about Impact Playground was through Bert-Ola Bergstrand. We met for the first time in 2012, during Jellyweek, another great event for connecting people, in that case, mainly people from the co working community. Bert-Ola was already working with the Living Bridges group and using digital social platforms to explore the power of connection and increase social capital for all. He was an Ambassador for Jellyweek and I saw an opportunity to be part of an event that was easy to join and like-minded. You should put yourself/your company in a map and on the third week of January, make a simple gathering of people from your local community and have a conversation or do something together. The main goal was to weave the social fabric, so torn up in our days. My project at the time was to make an e-textile patchwork locally and globally and it was a very engaging and collaborative experience.

After that, we became friends and met in a lot of different events. This year, 2017, he is running Impact Journey activities. He proposed a trip from Hammarstrand, Sweden, to Trondheim, Norway. A group of entrepreneurs, including myself and my husband, joined him. During the trip he told us about the future Trondheim Playground event, that would happen during a whole week, aiming to put the technology capital of Trondheim in the spotlight. Our group and a lot more people could tap into the energy of Trondheim's Playground and amplify it. That was how the Impact Playground was born.

What was my experience during the first edition?

The first edition of Impact Playground was in August 2017 for one week, connected to the Trondheim Playground and it happened in a lot of different places around the world. The activities varied from visits and interviews to makers fairs, conferences and parties.

I live in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro and I have always worked with Professional Education. In 1996, after 16 years working in SENAI, I opened a software company that also works with kids developing their own projects and ideas. The company is called Moleque de Ideias. We are very much into high-low technology and we were always into the learning by doing mood. So, we did four things during Impact Playground, in an event called ImpactPlayground@MolequeDeIdeias:

  1. We connected with people from the startup community in our city and together we did a Startup Friday at the same time of the Startup Friday event in Trondheim. Very simple, we just had some people invited here and we offered pizza and were engaged in a two hours conversation.
  2. We connected with people from co working spaces and one of them made a separate event also under the #impactplayground (ImpactPlayground@CriaCoworking), that I visited. We were talking about women entrepreneurship and we had the chance to connected with Ona from Trondheim. We also connected with Michael Captain Future. It was really nice to use the digital tools available and meet new people.
  3. We connected with people from the Innovation Lab and Innovation Agency at the Federal University in Niterói. They sent representatives to our place during the event and we estabilished a new level of communication with them since the #ImpactPlayground.
  4. We made an open maker fair at Moleque de Ideias, with a lot of different activities for the community around us, parents, neighbors, children and their friends.

What am I going to do to the next event, November 23th, 2017?

I don't really know yet. I have two possibilities:

  1. I thought about having a meeting here at Moleque de ideias and invite people interested in learning and its variations: mothers that want to work and take care of their kids at the same time, teachers, people interested in unschooling, scientists, entrepreneurs, students, representatives from the city hall and the university and take the chance to enhance our network and come to some conclusion about what would be Niterói if it behaves more like a learning city. That's the same subject they will be discussing in Trondheim November 23th. I thought also to connect to Primos M Kenah, that works with young people in tech in Cameroon, Africa. Our software team in Moleque could have a talk with him and his students. In the end of these meetings we could join a global cocktail party that is maybe going to happen and was suggested by Joy Lohmann, from Makers 4 Humanity.
  2. Or I just forget about that for now and go to the biggest event in collaborative economy that is happening in Brazil for the second year: Colaboramerica. It's going to happen from Nov 23th to 25th in Rio, really close to home, and I have a lot of friends going there. Then I could just make live videos from there and share them in Facebook. I think it would be really nice also.

Anyway, I will certainly use the hashtags #impactplayground and #impactjourney to my posts in Facebook. That's the way we can find each other forever after.

I hope this article was good for you and let's keep in touch! Comments are very welcome!



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