It’s shocking how similar it feels
 to be abandoned by your country
 as by a parent.
 It aches in the same deep, foundation-shaking way
 to realize how easily 
 those charged to lead and protect you
 can turn their back
 when you become inconvenient.

In your first one hundred days
 you have steadfastly endeavored to take from the least of us,
 though you garnered thousands upon thousands of votes
 as the self-proclaimed upholders of Christianity.
 What kind of mental and moral gymnastics
 allow you to rest your head peacefully?

I cannot blame the father
 who believed you’d bring back his job
 so that he could provide for his family.

I cannot blame the new citizen,
 who practices her religion with devotion,
 when she believed her turn-coat pastor
 as he paraded the very men and women who will worsen her lot
 as the Godly choice.

But I do blame you,
 who the people have entrusted with power and duty,
 for abandoning me.

Do you realize the line on your budget sheet
 that you cross off so easily
 amounts to years of my life spent suffering,
 without treatment or cure
 or ability to contribute to my community?

There are millions like me.

What did we do to deserve your loathing,
 or worse,
 your apathy?

Easier to label us bad or lazy
 than to acknowledge the harsh reality
 that sometimes life can lay you flat
 despite doing all the right things.

Sometimes circumstance has removed your bootstraps,
 and your boots
 and your feet
 so you look to the society to which you have belonged,
 contributed and pledged loyalty
 and with no other choice,
 ask to be carried.

But you, the sworn in guardians of this great nation,
 have drawn a line through me.

You vote against — 
 the healthcare that can sustain me
 the science that can cure me
 the social security that is my only livelihood
 my chance at a life of dignity.

You have traded me
 for an extra bag of coin
 piled on top of the mountains already held
 by a handful of glutinous kings.
 For the favor of the powerful few
 you have sacrificed me
 so easily.

You have abandoned the millions like me –
 the least of your countrymen with the greatest of need.
 You have shamed the heart and soul of this country.
 That will be your legacy.

Do you want to know the saddest thing?
 You have laid out your colors so clearly,
 but the foolish child inside
 still hopes you will change course
 and come back for me.

The adult knows my best chance isn’t with you, but with we. 
 This is still democracy.
 Even you must yield to the will of the many
 if they choose to stand for me.