Why I’m Sick of Political Correctness*
Lauren Modery

Really well-written article. Thanks for taking the time to put it out in the world! Also, I didn’t think the title was clickbait-y.

There seems to be a fine line between being aware and sensitive to other people’s feelings and being over-the-top about it. I can understand extreme political correctness to be good-natured and well-meant. In a way, it makes me smile that there’s such a movement of compassion and caring for others. But it’s also really frustrating how far people take it.

I think we should be responsible for our own selves, our own thoughts, and our own actions. And we should also be (for the most part) personally responsible for defending ourselves.

I don’t want anyone to curb their speech around me unless I ask for it. It doesn’t mean I want people to speak belligerently and offensively around me. I just prefer that if someone says something that hurts me, I can have a conversation with them myself to explain why what they said hurt me. I don’t want a mob of people to defend me. I can handle it on my own.

There’s often a lot of value in honesty and vulnerability. If we’re constantly filtering our thoughts so that we don’t hurt anyone, we’re also probably filtering a lot of the importance and power of them too. So my opinion is that we don’t filter our thoughts. We say what we think (within reason), and then we have conversations like adults.

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