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Leisa Corbett
Jun 26, 2018 · 2 min read

I’ve been an a visual artist since age 7. For most of that time I painted with the traditional materials of oil and acrylic on canvas. During the past year, while recovering from a nerve injury, I taught myself to use digital drawing apps for iPad. Digital drawing is fun, addictive, and given me an excitement about drawing I haven’t had since I was a little girl.

My real galvanizing moments as an artist came during my encounters with German Expressionist art during the 12 years I lived in Berlin, Germany. It was a constant challenge to accept that the crude brush strokes, garish primary colors, and sad faces in German Expressionist art spoke deeply about human experience that cannot be expressed in words. Until that point, I was accustomed to the beauty of American Magazine illustration and Italian Renaissance art- which I thought was “real art.” The awareness that I gained from the cultural and artistic shock of living in another culture drives my writing.

There have been occasional digressions from making art, such as serving 8 years in the U.S. Army in Military Intelligence, and 7 years teaching art history and studio art as an Adjunct Professor. I nearly forgot to mention that I am a member and former co-director of the Dandelion Gallery in Waukegan, IL. It is an artist run co-op in its 8th year of existence- which makes me feel grateful and amazed that we members have come this far.

My grand plan is to give a few insights about the importance of all art in our society and help your delve into opaque depths of meaning in visual art- because it sucks to stand in a museum or gallery and feel like an ignorant outsider incapable of getting the meaning. Looking forward to writing more posts and enjoying the conversation with you.

Leisa Corbett

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Leisa is a visual artist in traditional paint media and digital drawing. She is also a shower singer who occasionally dares to sing in public