Things To Consider When Buying An Automatic Tape Dispenser

With any job, having the right tool makes all the differences. Understanding as well as using the industrial and packaging tape is no different. As there are several options, choosing the right one for your job can be sometimes a little difficult. There are different tape categories and it includes machine packing, hand packing, water activated, specialty tapes and many more.


While you need a good amount of time to complete packing by using the manual tape dispenser, an automatic tape dispenser can make the process easy and effective.

Choosing packaging tape might seem an insignificant decision to your overall packaging operation. However, in reality, it is as critical of an element to your packaging strategy as the box and filler you have selected to keep your contents secure. Together secondary packing ensures your goods arrive at their final destination safely and intact.

Incorrect packaging tape selection or application can result in product damage or theft and damage to your reputation and relationship with your customers.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a tape dispenser and these are:

  • Grade: packaging tapes are available in a range of grades, meaning various levels of film as well as adhesive thickness. The grades deliver a range of different holding power and tensile strength. When considering what grade of tape to buy, be sure to factor in content weight, carton size, and the production and shipping environment in which the tape is being used. As any of the variables increase so too should the grade of tape you used.
  • Substrate: Consider what you are sealing. There are different cartoon types available, from double wall to printed to recycled to thick. Each one brings its own set of advantages to the distribution network, however, also its faults when it comes to tape performance.
  • Environment: When you are buying the packaging tape, don’t forget to consider the production, shipping or storage environments. Things like temperature and environmental conditions like dust and humidity can affect the quality of the seal.
  • Application method: There are two ways to apply a packing tape, in a manual process or by using an automated case sealer. In the manual process, features like easy unwind, strong film backing to prevent stretching as well as breaking are all critical. For automated operations, focus on easy unwind to reduce tape breakage for stretching and tearing during application.
  • Tape quality: The quality of the tape is the most important thing that you need to consider when placing your order for a tape dispenser. Good quality packaging tapes are easy to unwind, as well as deliver the strength and durability needed to withstand the distribution network.

If you are satisfied will all the features of the tape, then you can buy it. There are several agencies that provide a wide range of tape dispensers keeping in mind the demand of the in recent time. Moreover, the professionals can customize the product based on your needs. You need to research about the product properly before spending your hard-earned money on it. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the latest tools to fulfill your job with efficiency.