I’ve been working in and leading distributed teams for the past six years, and I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned so far in a short series.

A cartoon planet Earth on which several people are throwing paper airplanes back and forth to each other.

In January of this year, I started preparing a conference talk on “new work” to share information about trends, research and…

This is the first post in a series on the topic of “Physical and Financial Fitness.”

I never considered myself an athlete.

Sure, I went out for long bike rides for the fun of it, and I took a dance class at the community center. I grew up skiing and…

Mistakes happen. Don’t make things worse with a bad apology.

When we build things, we break things. Sometimes we break things in public, and sometimes we break things that affect people’s lives.

You never know when you’re going to discover a problem with your product. Maybe it’s today, maybe next week, maybe next month. Even when we plan well, things…

Do you realize… that The Flaming Lips are actually User Experience masters?

It may surprise you to learn that The Flaming Lips have been making music since 1983 — nearly 35 years.

That kind of success and staying power isn’t luck. It’s craft, and the principles that help The Flaming Lips thrive can help your products excel.

1. Start Strong.

People are busy. They have…

Leitha Matz

FinTech COO. Startup Mentor. Woman in Tech. I spend a lot of time thinking about technology products and user experience, and I love stupid puns.

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