Leith, Rand, Shamal & Luis
We Used Trello as a collaborative tool within the team.
Target Devices
9 Why’s and the How…
  1. Because we value our customers.
  2. Because if we look after them properly we create a better bond with our customers.
  3. Because it means they will eat with us more often and invite friends to try us.
  4. Because we become a better fit — we create a more intimate dining experience that is both comfortable, familiar and trustworthy for them.
  1. The present waiter experience can be quite unreliable.
  2. The overall service is not personable, individual or efficient.
  3. The bill payment can be unfair when there is a party of people.
  4. It feels like the management doesn’t really care about me, the customer.
Big Moe’s was a direct competitor
The Diner
Primary Personas
Affinity Map of the Diner Experience
Choosing music from the jukebox and adding them to the playlist.



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