Applying Interface and Visual Design to a low fidelity App.

There are nine major interior design styles.

It was important to gain a visual perspective to the branding that users could identify with.



To define and portrait the motivation for its use within the app.

The ability for it to resonate with users would be an essential marketing point.


Overal Perception

To ask the user what they perceive as being their vision of an ideal lifestyle and capture that within the overal perception.

The Design Style Pattern

Utilising ‘Sketch’, this hi-fidelity user flow demonstrates the user proceeding from landing page left, to the choice of industrial design right.

Landing page to choice of industrial design.

The choice of furnishings in the context of their surroundings on the left, to a further choice within a room context on the right. Individual articles available within that particular room can be selected and explored, right.

Touch screen highlights allow items of interest to be viewed and/or selected.

Once selected, the item will be accompanied by its cost, its availability within the store and the store location within the defined accessible area. It includes distances, mode of travel, travel times and directions.

Item particulars, its cost to the user and accessibility to the user location.

The item and all its particulars can be readily shared with the flatmates to gain agreement on its necessity, cost and location. The sending and receipt of this information is confirmed with corresponding ticks, screen left.

Agreement of purchase is obtained from the other flatmates when their pictures show on the screen. The purchase CTA is then available and allows a subsequent purchase to proceed.

Next steps would include other shared user flows such:

Deselection of an item

Selection of multiple items

Intuitive budget cap for specific items

A budget page.

A favourites page.

A purchased item list with intuitive cash flow availability info.

Accessible e-commerce stores to a preset location that can be modified, rated and shared.

A checkout flow including ‘click & collect’, delivery and returns.

Social media links would also allow social empowerment, validation and encouragement for e-commerce sites to sign up to the app.

Allow sharing amongst friends or public on various social media sites.

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