From Node to Go: A High-Level Comparison
John Stamatakos

As other said, Go really shouldn’t include build time.

Another thing I didn’t notice anyone say is that the Python I/O code should not call dot-functions in tight loops. I gave it a try at my machine:

# pypy3 5.7.1-beta0, “latest” docker image right now


with open(“python”, “a”) as text_file:
tw = text_file.write
for i in range(1000000):

$ time pypy3

real 0m0.166s

user 0m0.120s

sys 0m0.040s

# Go 1.8

$ time go run main.go

real 0m0.246s

user 0m0.171s

sys 0m0.074s

$ go build main.go && time ./main

real 0m0.073s

user 0m0.056s

sys 0m0.015s

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