Can I leave it all behind?

Can I crash my car, fly off the freeway and destroy my shield?

Can I dance my way through the flames, to burn my itchy skin - the one you’ve touched ever so frequent?

Can I walk into the ocean as it greets me, willing to swallow all my pain?

The answer is ‘yes’. I can.

I don’t think there’s anything waiting for me back in that island.

Or anyone.

So I’ll flee, I’ll forget, I’ll let go. I’m miles away where you can’t touch me. I’m invincible and invisible. I’m a ghost you can’t kill for I’m already at the other side. I’m not the person I was yesterday, 5 months ago, 2 years ago.

I am weakness,

I am greatness,

I am anything that I want me to be.

And tonight, I’m a broken girl who will forget everyone and everything she has ever known.

Knowing well that she will remember again in the morning.

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