I. Can you be mine tonight? 
Or perhaps forever
I'd take photographs of you
under the ever bright light
Cos even if Im taking your soul
Id make sure you are not kept in darkness

II. As the flash hits -
Ill revel in you
until your raven black hair
stands out in the dark
so much
that I might get lost in them

III. Developing every part of you
From the tip of your fingertips
that failed to hold
Why have I done so much
To forever etch you in this piece of film
Maybe Im the Angel who has saved you 
from the damnation 
you truly deserved

IV. Who is really the Devil here?
Your eyes the size of lenses
when they look right at me
Pupils dilating, as if youve seen a ghost
A ghost whose soul you cant take
For it is already 
and eternally
too late.

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