making time

Time is limited. There’s only so many hours in a day, so many days in a month, and so many months in a year. It’s easy to feel discourage when things aren’t happening as expected… will it ever happen?

I remember the first time I told someone I didn’t have time to do something. It might’ve been a teacher or my dad. It might’ve been about my homework. They told me to “make time”. How could I make time if there’s only a fixed set of hours in a day?

“I don’t know. Just make it happen.”


I started to think about what a typical day would be for me and how I like to spend it. I would like to spend most of my time doing something fun and exciting. Like exploring a new place or trying something new. I would also like to spend some of my time resting when I’m tired because naps are awesome. I also need to spend time around friends and family because what is existence without companionship?

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and make that cash. I often find myself most miserable when I spend so much time chasing paper instead of chasing life. Making cash is a great way to distract yourself from feeling depressed because you can literally buy your happiness. Plus if you like how you make your money it can be therapeutic.

When you’re making time for something or someone, you have to make a sacrifice somewhere. You might have to spend less time with people you already know to get to know someone new. You might have to spend less time making money to spend more time with your family. You might have to spend less time with people you love to spend more time with your creative endeavor. You might have to endure student loan debt for a higher education that will never make you any real money to pay back the debt. The time you spend in school is time you could’ve used for traveling, reading books you want to read, writing about whatever you want, making money or even raising a family.

Everyone has different perceptions of success and just because someone else’s success doesn’t match your success doesn’t mean that they’re unsuccessful. They could be happier than you. You never know.

The whole point I’m trying to make with this essay is: if you want something, make time for it. You want to make art? Don’t hang out with friends for an evening. You want to get into music? You have to practice even though you suck. You want to make money? Get a job and save money. (The only 2 ways to make more money is when it’s given to you and when you don’t spend it.) You want to fall in love? Date around. You want a committed relationship? See the same person and hang out with them again when you’re free.

I wish I had something to say about career and family. I turned my back on my finance career a few years ago. I know I had a lot of potential but the finance world didn’t have a place for someone like me. As far as family went, I made a sacrifice so that I can follow my career.

I try not to have regrets because everyone does what they think is best at the moment. Sure, everyone has good intentions but it doesn’t mean the outcome will always come out good. All I have is the present and my future. I can’t change the past but I can change now and hope for a better future.