I hate cooking after my workout but need something quick to eat

When I was in college, what I ate was the last thing on my mind. When it came to food, all that concerned me was devouring everything in site. If i didn’t finish a bag a tortilla chips myself, then I thought there was a problem.

My friends would make fun of me, “Le, when you stop playing basketball you’re going to blow up. You eat so terribly.” “You can’t have a BOX wheat thins in one sitting.”

I was playing basketball 6x a week in addition to lifting 4x a week. the food I put in my system, got burned in a matter of minutes. This created a stomach that was more of a bottomless pit.

My friends kept giving me concerned talks about the way i ate and their concerns. Truthfully I was concerned too because I heard too many times that I’d put weight on after I stopped playing, so I talked to my friends for advice, googled healthy eating strategies, and even saw a nutritionist.

Changing my eating habits was not easy. Taking advice of cutting down on the carbs and protein and adding vegetable to my diet was a struggle. Just the thought of putting broccoli on my plate was worse than running 10 miles.

Every time I threw out the veggies or pushed them too the side, I felt like my bratty 5 year old self arguing with my mom. But carbs and meat are sooooo much better than broiled broccoli.

I had a friend that would always make what she called a butterfly sandwich (peanut butter, bananas, and honey). She’d tell me how good it tasted and filling it was. I did not want to eat it. Mostly because of the name. And how could peanut butter fill me up or how am I going to have a sandwich with peanut butter and no jelly. That’s LUDACRIS!!!

I wanted to stay in my mindset of grabbing a McChicken after a workout or a quick slice of pepperoni pizza. Both of those were small and I just burned so many calories. So it shouldn’t affect me.

Even though I’d tell myself that, I knew I had to eat better. I wasn’t slimming down in the way I wanted to so I had to make a change. There had to be something I could easily make, bring to the gym or a game with me, and eat it.

Cooking something after my workouts was the way to know what was in my food so I’d have healthier ingredients but cooking dinner was harder for me than playing basketball on an NBA regulation court or lifting for two hours, heavy on the legs.

I decided to take my friends advice and try out the “butterfly sandwich”. I’ll just called it a PBBH from now on. I really am not a fan of the other name.

Having it after a workout was amazing! Not only did I feel full from all the protein in peanut butter but it’s sooooo good. It’s like an explosion of natural sweet flavors in your mouth and you don’t feel bad about eating it.

It’s become my go to snack to have after a workout or even when I’m home and I need something with real ingredients, quick, and not processed.

I can’t get enough of it. Peanut butter and honey are a staple in my kitchen. I would have bananas all the time but those expire after a little bit so I buy them as needed.

Now I’ll show you how to make this simple snack/meal. And this will help you lose that last 10–15 lbs so you can see your six pack.


Peanut Butter, Banana, Honey


Get two slices of whole wheat bread

Cover one slice of bread with peanut butter

Take banana and slice into small pieces

Put banana slices on other slice of bread

Pour honey over banana slices

Close sandwich

You can now back this in a container or ziplock bag and bring to your workout. Or make a quick snack when you get home. This takes two second to make and tastes so good. I wish putting on muscle was this easy.