Undying vision for media career development

Old editions of STOP PRESS Newsletter

Over ten years ago, I launched STOP PRESS, a free career-moulding newsletter for journalists in Nigeria.

With my limited resources, I started from producing photocopy editions and later had printed editions.

The newsletter was well received and got some support of people like Taiwo Obe

The content of the newsletter was compiled into a book entitled EXCELLING IN JOURNALISM, we initiated a YOUNG JOURNALISTS CONFERENCE and held the first, second and third YOUNG JOURNALISTS AWARD.

Some other commitments soon prevented me from giving the publication the attention it deserves and I stopped publishing it, even online.

Though I still write media career focused posts on various platforms and have been able to published another book titled BECOMING THE JOURNALIST YOU OUGHT TO BE, the STOP PRESS vision should have been sustained considering the responses from readers that confirmed that the content achieved the purpose of helping them become better media professionals.

On Monday I found old copies of the newsletter and it brought back memories of the real media career development vision I had for journalism practice in Nigeria which I have deviated from.

I’m convinced that its high time I get back to fully pursue my dream of providing the much-needed media career development support for the Nigerian media.

It’s a dream that I definitely won’t allow to die. Watch out soon

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